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REDI Majakka Tower, Helsinki, Finland


ロケーション: Helsinki, フィンランド

  • Highest residential building in Finland with a height of 134 m
  • Like a lighthouse (Majakka), it characterizes the new REDI district in the eastern part of Helsinki´s city centre
  • The REDI city quarter is currently one of the largest and most significant construction projects in Finland


  • Providing support in the planning phase and realization of the first residential tower in Finland as high-rise structures with more than 15 floors have seldom been built in Finland up to now
  • Taking into consideration high wind speeds for the execution of the construction work for the tower
  • High demands regarding work safety



SRV Rakennus Oy

Field Service

PERI Finland



  • Safe and efficient working operations due to the gap-free enclosure of the shell construction floors
  • Protection of the construction team against the effects of wind and weather also at great heights
  • Fast and safe climbing procedure also during strong winds – thanks to rail-guided climbing, the climbing unit was securely attached to the structure at all times
  • A particularly cost-effective solution due to the modular RCS Rail Climbing System
  • Striking and moving of the complete MAXIMO Internal Shaft Formwork as a single unit
Portrait of Juha Leivonen, Site Manager at SRV Rakennus Oy
Juha Leivonen
Site Manager

The gains in efficiency through the use of the RCS Rail Climbing System rise with the increasing height of the building. Based on the experience so far, I would say that the climbing solution makes great economic sense for the construction of buildings with more than 15 floors. The enclosure on all sides of the building protects the construction team against the effects of wind and weather, and allows safe and efficient working. This is a big advantage in high-rise construction near the coast where wind is a serious risk factor.


  • Assisting the construction team also in the planning phase with technical know-how in the area of climbing technology
  • Providing continuous on-site support regarding all technical questions during the execution of the construction work
  • RCS P Climbing Protection Panel served as the enclosure as well as anti-fall protection of the floors in the building shell
  • RCS Rail Climbing System combined with MAXIMO Panel Formwork for constructing the core walls of the elevator shafts
  • MAXIMO Shaft Corners MXSE served simultaneously as 90° internal corners and striking panel