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ONE by CA Immo, Frankfurt am Main, Germany


ロケーション: Frankfurt, ドイツ

  • Construction of a 190-m-high skyscraper with 49 storeys in Frankfurt, the metropolis on the River Main
  • Triangular cantilever on the 33rd floor at a height of 125 m, which makes the building look like the number “1” and lends the building its name


  • Challenging building geometry due to the cantilever on the 33rd floor
  • Large, but compartmentalised building core
  • Limited space at the inner city construction site


HOCHTIEF Infrastructure GmbH Building, Frankfurt, Germany


  • Building core formed safely and efficiently
  • Regular floors completed in weekly cycles
  • Development of a custom-fit support structure for the construction of the cantilever
  • Delivery of pre-assembled console brackets to the construction site
  • Custom-fit project solution consisting of PERI standard systems with tailored system solutions
Portrait of Hans-Peter Roth, Senior Foreman, HOCHTIEF Infrastructure GmbH Building, Frankfurt, Germany
Hans-Peter Roth
Senior Foreman

“All elements that could be pre-assembled were delivered to the construction site ready for use. Once the ACS/RCS Climbing Systems were installed, the formwork could be completed in a very short space of time. The technical support provided by PERI is absolutely outstanding.”


  • ACS P and ACS G with trailing wall formwork for the evolving cross-sections in the building core, RCS for the front sides
  • Support structure based on RCS rails, 14 console brackets each divided into seven units for transport; bracing with VST Horizontal Ledgers and VST Diagonal Braces
  • Pre-assembly of the seven transport units took place at the Bürstadt warehouse and at the Weissenhorn formwork assembly site
  • Access scaffold for console bracket assembly and disassembly processes
  • The load of the console brackets was transferred via the concrete slab of the 31st floor and the concrete floor of the 29th floor (for some of the console brackets, the 30th floor)
  • Two stacked girder grids made of SRU Ledgers and Base Standards UVB, on which PERI UP Shoring and a circumferential working scaffold were placed
  • Slab formwork with integrated edge beam mounted on the head spindles of the shoring