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Four Seasons Hotel, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia


ロケーション: Kuala Lumpur, マレーシア

  • Located next to the Petronas Towers in Kuala Lumpur, the Four Seasons Place is a 342-metre high building complex.
  • The high-rise structure features the luxurious Four Seasons Hotel complete with numerous suites and apartments as well as a shopping centre.
  • Construction time: 3.5 years. Completion: 2018


  • Development of a solution whilst taking into account only minimum availability of crane usage
  • Formwork solution for the massive reinforced concrete building core and stiffening reinforced concrete shear walls as well as reinforced concrete slabs
  • Construction of a total of 77 floors within a very tight schedule


CRCC, China Railway Construction Company, Malaysia Bhd


  • Cost-effective shoring solution due to optimal adaptation of the loads to be transferred
  • Safe working conditions in the upper floors thanks to the reliable use of the climbing protection panel
  • Fast climbing of the protection panel using mobile climbing units without a crane; saving on valuable crane time - the rotating tower crane was the limiting element of the construction site equipment and could be used in other ways
  • Reliable, best service for supporting all formwork and scaffolding processes on the construction site
Portrait of Ma Zhan Jiang, Project Manager at CRCC, China Railway Construction Company, Malaysia Bhd
Ma Zhan Jiang
Project Manager

PERI complied with our requests right from our very first meeting. The comprehensive support in planning, static and logistics through to the on-site service had a very positive impact on the project.


  • Planning of an economical and safe formwork and scaffolding solution
  • Provision of all required static calculations for the formwork and scaffolding
  • Flexible shoring solution for high loads and great heights
  • All-round complete enclosure of the open building edges in the upper floors with the RCS Climbing Protection Panel
  • Briefings, especially during the initial use of the formwork on the construction site, comprehensive jobsite support throughout the entire period of construction