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Gas compressor platform CA-KU-A1, Altamira, Tamaulipas/Mexico


ロケーション: Altamira, メキシコ

  • Supporting the construction of the 23,900 tonne gas compressor platform CA-KU-A1 at the Dragados Offshore shipyard in the federal state of Tamaulipas, Mexico
  • The objective is to increase gas production in the oil and gas production complex of the Ku-MaloobZaap field (KMZ) in the bay of Campeche
  • The platform consists of a “topside” (main core of the platform) including a compressor unit, a jacket for anchoring the station to the seabed and two connecting bridges that are anchored using two tripods


  • Complex platform geometry, necessity to build around numerous obstructions
  • Demanding schedule must be adhered to, materials must be supplied in line with requirements
  • Multiple workers must be able to access platform at the same time
  • Transfer of high tripod loads


Dragados Offshore S.A.


  • Flexible adaptation to suit the complex geometry thanks to modular scaffold system
  • High level of working safety
  • Downtime kept to a minimum thanks to quick processes brought about by clever access solutions
  • Completion of the demanding infrastructure project by the construction deadline
  • High delivery capacity and flexible provision of materials due to on-time delivery of materials
  • Continuous construction site support
  • Cost-savings from reduced working hours thanks to use of the ALPHAKIT solution
Portait of Juan José Martín Niño, Head of Construction at Dragados Offshore S.A.
Juan José Martín Niño
Head of Construction

For Dragados the most important thing to consider is safety. Safety is above everything for us and PERI Scaffolding flexibility guarantees safety. The possibility of using it as a suspended solution is a great advantage against the competition as not every product in the market offers this solution. We have used PERI Scaffolding and ALPHAKIT in this project, saving tons of steel, lots of cm3 of weld making the project more profitable to us. PERI Scaffolding adjusts more to our projects because of the continuous changes in the construction site and the adaptability of PERI Scaffolding works really fine with that.


  • Use of modular PERI UP Flex scaffolding system to assemble safe working platforms at any height and straightforward construction around obstructions like pipe connections
  • Assembly of working platforms consisting largely of suspended working platforms in a 25 cm system grid that were fixed to the steel girders of the platform using scaffold tubes and couplings
  • Installation of the PERI UP Flex Staircase 100 at two corners of the platform to provide simultaneous access for up to 500 workers within 30 to 60 minutes
  • On-schedule supply of a total of 700 tonnes of PERI scaffold material on a rentable basis
  • Transfer of high tripod loads using ALPHAKIT Towers with integrated working platform for parallel use
  • Manual assembly of low number of lightweight ALPHAKIT system components on the ground and subsequent erection by crane with the assistance of PERI Support on site