PERI 製品ラインナップ(概要)


PERI 製品は、革新的なデザインと入念に工夫された製品機構、細部までこだわった実用性の高さが特徴で、高品質を追求した工場で製造されており、厳しい環境においても安心してご使用頂く事ができます。熟考されたがゆえ、合理的で、高品質。是非、弊社製品をご覧ください。


PERI 製品ラインナップ

Flexible girder wall formwork, also for high-grade architectural concrete surfaces.
TRIO is a universal formwork system which places the highest emphasis on uncomplicated forming operations and the reduction of shuttering times.
The universal lightweight formwork for walls, columns and slabs
All heights, all cross-sections, regardless whether square or rectangular-shaped
TRIO Column Formwork: Elements for walls and columns, cross-sections up to 75 cm x 75 cm
The flexible and adjustable slab formwork with VT 20K or GT 24 Formwork Girder
The flexible, efficient slab formwork for simplest assembly with highest work safety.
GT 24 Schalungsträger: The versatile lattice girder with high load-bearing capacity
RS Push-Pull Props: A complete programme, can be telescoped to reach a length of 14.00 m
MULTIPROP Aluminium Slab Props: Used as a cost-saving lightweight individual prop and cost-effective shoring tower
The tool-free assembled prop for loads up to 200 kN
PERI tie systems: The DK and SK tie systems serve to ensure subsequent, reliable sealing of tie points.
PERI Clean, PERI Bio Clean and PERI Plasto Clean - Concrete release agent for all formwork and equipment
With PERI SCS, the loads from the fresh concrete pressure are transferred without formwork ties through the brackets into the climbing anchors of the previous concreting section.
The Self-Climbing System ACS-R with the one-sided reinforcement scaffold in advance.
RCS Rail Climbing System: The universal modular system for a wide range of applications
The CB climbing system provides safe working conditions with wall formwork at all heights.
ST 100 Stacking Tower: The efficient shoring system with few system parts
PERI UP Flex Reinforcement R75,100: Modular Reinforcement Scaffold for efficient work.
The PERI UP Rosett R scaffold system is a modular reinforcement scaffold for efficient work.
PERI UP Flex Shoring: The maximum level of flexibility.
The cost-effective shoring for slab tables and high loads
PERI UP Flex Weather Protection Roof: Standard components are the basis for variable roof shapes.
PERI UP Flex Stair Steel 100,125: For high requirements regarding load bearing capacity and accessibility.
PERI UP Rosett Staircase Public 150, 200, 250: Stair geometry and landing arrangement meet the requirements for public access.
The lightweight stair tower for flexible access solutions
The plywood Birch from PERI is used in all areas for walls and slabs.
PERI InSite Construction Product Image
InSite Construction + Filling Detection Sensor
InSite Construction + Pressure Sensor
InSite Construction + Temp. Sensor
Concrete Sensor Technology from PERI UK
With our handheld sensor, you will save time on site when testing water to cement ratio in fresh concrete mixes.