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Construction of the new vitamin A plant at BASF in Ludwigshafen, Germany


ロケーション: Ludwigshafen, ドイツ

  • The new vitamin A plant is expected to increase BASF's annual production capacity for vitamin A by 1,500 t.
  • Around 600 machines and devices as well as 5,000 test points are integrated into the process control system. In addition, 250 linear metres of pipe bridges had to be constructed.
  • At peak times, around 1,300 t of PERI system material were in use at the same time on a daily basis.


  • Extremely restrictive spatial conditions on account of the plant structure.
  • Stringent occupational safety requirements in the industrial environment.
  • Integration of 30-m-high heavy-duty platforms designed for 20 kN/m² as well as a bridging construction with a span of 12.75 m at a height of 33 m.


Scaffold construction project management 
promaintain GmbH & Co. KG, Ingolstadt, Germany

BASF SE, Ludwigshafen, Germany


  • All of the information was digitally retrievable: requirements data (locations, responsibilities), planning data, drawings, parts lists, static calculations, 3D models.
  • Just like in a digital scaffolding book, the current status of each scaffolding unit could be selected and retrieved: requested, in planning, planned, under construction, completed, released, deregistered, dismantled.
  • After dismantling, the handover to the controlling department for accounting purposes took place in a virtually automated manner.
  • The BIM-assisted scaffold planning process allowed subsequent users to check the scaffolding plans for usability, variability and flexibility before they were erected and to have them optimised if necessary.
  • This minimised conversion times, optimised scaffolding costs and meant that high safety standards could be implemented as early as the planning phase.
  • High level of occupational safety due to geometric and structural adaptability.
  • The virtually gap-free design of the PERI UP deck levels, the inward-opening safety swing gates and the scaffold nodes encased in protective caps in a signal colour all ensured that the scaffold could be used safely.
Portrait of Tino Freund, Project Manager at promaintain GmbH & Co. KG, Ingolstadt
Tino Freund
Project Manager

The spatial conditions dictated by the plant structure posed a significant challenge in this project. Thanks to the 3D pre-planning phase and the PERI UP grid dimensions of 25 cm, it was possible to erect the scaffolding safely and on schedule despite the spatial confinements of the plant. To a certain extent, new solutions and components were conceived and deployed to overcome this significant challenge, which expanded the horizons of industrial scaffolding construction. In the external areas, enormous cost and time savings were achieved for the client through the use of PERI UP Flex in combination with the VARIOKIT modular system. This has also opened up new scaffold construction possibilities.


  • A joint project team from promaintain and PERI planned and coordinated the wide-ranging industrial scaffolding tasks.
  • BIM methodology with cross-trade 3D planning, coordination and execution provided the basis for this.
  • The on-site project team registered and managed over 4,000 scaffolding units using Autodesk's BIM 360 Field construction field management software over the course of the 18-month project term.
  • Processes were planned and documented in terms of scheduling and spatial requirements.
  • The majority of the total scaffolding quantity of around 2,000 t was planned with CAD and made available as a 3D model.
  • It was possible to combine PERI UP and VARIOKIT in an extremely versatile manner for a wide range of applications: Standing scaffolds, safety scaffolds, suspended scaffolds, shoring, stairways, material platforms and mobile working scaffolds.
  • The metric basic grid of both PERI systems, PERI UP and VARIOKIT allowed for flexible adaptation of the scaffolding solution using system components.
  • The 30-m-high heavy-duty platforms and a bridging construction on the northern side of the building involving a tensioning system proved to be challenging aspects of the PERI scaffolding solution.