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Circular Tank Refurbishment, Bitterfeld-Wolfen Chemical Park, Germany


ロケーション: Bitterfeld-Wolfen, ドイツ

Scaffolding a 10,000 m³ brine tank with a height of 13.50 m and a diameter of 32 m for renovation work


  • Support-free roofing of the circular tank with a total span of 36.50 m
  • Free-standing installation of the working and support scaffolds without any anchoring
  • Strict safety requirements in industrial construction


B&S Gerüstbau GmbH, Dessau


  • Weather-independent execution of the refurbishment work
  • High level of work safety
  • Fast scaffolding assembly using only system components without any time-consuming tube and coupler connections
  • Safe working levels with no tripping hazards due to the use of system-supported bridging boards
  • Safe access to the roof construction through integrated walkways (without PPE) in order to retract the LGS roof units telescopically as required
Portrait of Jan Bauermeister, Managing Director at B&S Gerüstbau GmbH, Dessau
Jan Bauermeister
Managing Director

The project went very well and the planning and assembly concept of PERI worked really great. The high requirements regarding work safety demanded by the chemical company could be met without any problems – no additional effort was required for erecting and dismantling the scaffold.


  • Jointly-developed scaffolding solution as basis for award of contract
  • LGS Weather Protection Roof with a 36.50 m span, including walkway and bracing
  • Free-standing support and internal scaffolds without anchoring
  • Polygonally arranged internal scaffold connected on the wall side to form a ring, stabilized by means of bracing ribs in every third bay