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Singapore Sports Hub, Singapore


ロケーション: Singapore, シンガポール

Singapore's new national stadium accommodates 55,000 spectators and is designed to cater for more than 150 different sports as well as hosting concerts and holding parades. As one of the most modern sports venues worldwide, the sports complex also features a movable roof construction. In spite of the enormous dimensions, with a 312 m span and a height of 80 m, the roof can be completely closed in only 20 minutes and provides protection against the sun and rain in a very short time. The vaulted roof architecture prevents any heat accumulation inside the stadium itself and can be opened in a south-west direction which ensures optimum air circulation. In addition, this provides spectators with an impressive unobstructed panoramic view of Singapore's skyline.

  • Roof structure with a 312-meter span and a height of 80 meters


  • Best possible stability and safety during the assembly of the stadium’s roof
  • Spatially complex geometry of the steel truss framework 


General Contractor
Dragages Singapore Pte Ltd

Steelwork Company
Yongnam Engineering and Construction
Dulan Asia Pacific Pte Ltd


  • The light-weight components and the almost tool-free assembly accelerate the erection and dismantling of the scaffolds at the site. 
  • High node rigidity and integrated locks against lift off of the PERI UP system decking ensure stability and great safety.
Portrait of Bernward Stube, Director (Dulan) and Abhimandran Harendran, Project Coordinator (Yongnam)
Bernward Stube | Evans Baek
Director (Dulan) | Project Coordinator (Yongnam)

PERI UP Flex has proven to be a safe, flexible and productive system which supports and facilitates the installation of the structural steel roof for the stadium of the Singapore Sports Hub.


  • The PERI UP suspended scaffolds are already attached to the roof trusses on the floor and then lifted into position by crane as one connected entity.
  • During the assembly of the steel roof structure, the PERI UP Flex modular scaffolding can be flexibly adjusted to the spatially complex geometry of the steel truss framework.
  • The basis for the construction of the suspended scaffolds are SRU walers from the PERI rental park.
  • Detailed 3-D planning with PERI CAD by PERI’s scaffolding specialists ensures the exact arrangement and alignment of the suspended scaffolds.