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Dubai Frame, United Arab Emirates


ロケーション: Dubai, アラブ首長国連邦

  • Extraordinary walk-in work of art structure in the form of a 155 m high and 93 m wide picture frame
  • Complex, slender shapes of the towers with angular geometries
  • 75 m wide, self-supporting steel bridge construction as accessible crosspiece for connecting both towers
  • Additional crosspiece on the ground which optically closes the picture frame


  • Complex shape of the “rising profile of the frame” with trapezoidal-shaped, extremely slender ground plan
  • Up to 10 m storey heights with angular geometries and very limited space
  • High loads and massive dimensions in the transition areas between the towers and crosspiece
  • Low dimensional tolerances



Al Rostamani Pegel L.L.C. (ARP)


  • Generously-sized working platforms and integrated access technology created valuable work spaces and ensured a high level of safety
  • Efficient working processes resulting in increased productivity
  • Crane-indepenedent climbing in regular 3½-day cycles; saved a total of 30 working days
  • Continuous on-site support through the PERI project team


Picture of Tobias Heilig, Project Manager / Al Rostamani Pegel L.L.C. (ARP)
Tobias Heilig
Project Manager

With PERI, we have already realized numerous projects and know the high-end solutions as well as the high standard of service. For this project, the complexity of the building´s structure was initially easy to underestimate but we were always supported on-site whenever needed. In the end, we could climb in 3½-day cycles thus saving a total of 30 days construction time.


  • Optimized project-specific climbing formwork solution for the tight, complex shaft geometry
  • Precisely matched execution solution realized by combining three different ACS self-climbing versions with VARIO Girder Wall Formwork and TRIO Panel Formwork
  • Adapted combination of elevated and suspended platforms
  • Integrated hydraulic cylinders, each with 100 kN lifting force, provided a crane-independent and safe climbing procedure
  • Customized formwork solution in the transition areas of the 2,100 t steel bridge construction
  • Fast and efficient on-site support provided by the PERI project team for handling the complex construction tasks