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Deepspot, Mszczonów, Poland


ロケーション: Mszczonów, ポーランド

  • Construction of the currently deepest diving pool in the world with a total depth of up to 45.50 metres (as of March 2021)
  • The Deepspot diving facility is divided into two areas: The main section with a depth of 15.50 m and a diving tube with an additional depth of 25.00 m
  • Multi-zone simulator offers optimal conditions for divers away from the world's oceans
  • Impressive underwater world with a boat wreck, underwater caves, a glass-enclosed underwater jetty and sloping walls


  • Efficient implementation of the plunge pool with a total depth of up to 45.50 m
  • Safe implementation of the high static complexity of the pool, consisting of a reinforced concrete floor slab, load-bearing walls with reinforced concrete piers and monolithic ceilings
  • Vertical alignment of the diving tube
  • High safety standards for site personnel, even at great depths


Aerotunel Sp. z o.o. Sp. K.


  • Efficient implementation of the immersion pool with a total depth of 45.00 m through the use of PERI Standard Systems as well as project-specific special formwork
  • Implementation of the complex static requirements through technologically complex PERI Formwork and Scaffold Solutions
  • On-time delivery of large, partly pre-assembled material quantities
  • Compliance with high safety standards through pre-assembled PERI systems and the selected concreting process
Krzysztof Tyborowski

The most technically interesting element of the pool is the deep well of monolithic construction. The 25-metre high well is divided into four-metre-long bars. After the bar has been completed at the level of the pool bottom plate, the entire structure is undermined using the well method and sinks into the ground by the completed bar. In order to ensure the verticality of the sinking of the well, the first segment weighing 300 tonnes had to be constructed on a scaffold and lowered onto a working platform in the excavation.


  • Delivery of geometrically and technologically complex PERI Formwork Solutions that were delivered pre-assembled to the construction site
  • Realisation of the sloped walls of the diving pool with pre-assembled elements of TRIO Panel Formwork
  • Production of the round diving tube by means of pre-assembled VARIO GT 24 Girder Wall Formwork
  • Concreting of the tube rings in a monolithic design in steps of 4.00 metres each
  • Lowering the tube segments with a hydraulic cylinder supported on VST Heavy-Duty Towers
  • Ensuring vertical alignment through the use of special guides
  • Use of ST 100 Stacking Towers as shoring for the underwater viewing bridge, which only became self-supporting when the pool was filled with water
  • Quick and safe dismantling of the ST 100 Stacking Towers under water