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Williams Bridge, Rotterdam, Netherlands


ロケーション: Rotterdam, オランダ

Pylon scaffolding for the Williams Bridge in Rotterdam for refurbishment

The two 60 m high steel pylons of the cable-stayed bridge were successively scaffolded and renovated; first the southern pylon, then the northern one


  • Execution of scaffold operations and painting work without negatively affecting the flow of traffic
  • Due to the freely suspended superstructure, it was not possible to set up the approx. 200 t scaffold construction on the carriageway slab
  • Working area to be hermetically sealed off from the road traffic


Steigerbouw Van der Panne, Rotterdam


  • Flexible scaffold adaptation to suit the pylong geometries
  • Safe working levels including access technology
  • Reduced negative effects on the flow of traffic due to overnight installation of the complete VARIOKIT carriageway bridging
  • Significant time savings during scaffolding assembly and dismantling as well as transferring from the southern to the northern pylon due to detailed joint pre-planning along with the seamless integration of VARIOKIT in the PERI UP scaffolding solution
Portrait of Marcel Broekman, Project Manager at Steigerbouw Van der Panne, Rotterdam
Marcel Broekman
Project Manager

Together with PERI, we developed a great concept for the extraordinarily challenging pylon scaffolding on the Williams Bridge. Mounted overnight and laterally positioned on the concrete base, the VARIOKIT bridging made it possible to erect the 60 m high and 200 t PERI UP scaffolding construction without loading the carriageway and negatively affecting the flow of traffic. All deadlines could be met. The combination of VARIOKIT and PERI UP proved to be a good solution for the bracing and anchoring as well with wind force 10 being recorded on a number of occasions. In short, we are very pleased with both the PERI systems and our collaboration - a great example of 'Engineered Solutions'.


  • Project-specific PERI scaffolding solution - based on the two PERI UP and VARIOKIT systems which could be combined together almost seamlessly
  • Transfer of high loads over the entire 40 m carriageway width with the help of VRB Truss Girders and VST Heavy-Duty Shoring Towers from the VARIOKIT Engineering Engineering Kit
  • Delivery of pre-assembled, 21 m long VRB Truss Girder units to the jobsite
  • Projecting 10 m protective roof construction on both sides for each pylon as well as a 12 m wide working platform at a height of 50 m on the basis of the LGS Lattice Girder System
  • Integrated anchoring concept taking into account high wind loads and enclosure by means of a shrink foil