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Terfener Innbrücke, Terfens, Austria


ロケーション: Terfens, オーストリア

  • Supporting the reconstruction of the “Terfener Innbrücke” bridge on the A12 motorway in Austria’s Inntal valley
  • 235-m-long bridge with separate bridge support structures for each direction of travel, thereby a total of two bridge support structures made of pre-stressed concrete
  • Construction began in 2018, first concreting stage took place in February 2019 using the balanced cantilever construction method
  • First time that the VBC Balanced Cantilever Carriage has been used in Central Europe


  • Construction of the 235-m-long bridge with due consideration for the fact that it is located in an earthquake zone
  • Cost-effective solution for realising the complex superstructures using the balanced cantilever construction method
  • Project-specific planning to ensure the project could be implemented according to the demanding construction schedule spanning only three years




  • Cost-effective solution and fast availability of materials on account of rentable system components of the VBC Balanced Cantilever Carriage based on the VARIOKIT Engineering Construction Kit
  • Time-saving due to simple and quick VBC Balanced Cantilever Carriage method and the weekly concreting cycle this facilitated
  • Reduction in working hours due to quick shuttering and striking processes using integrated hydraulic solution
  • Straightforward dismantling of balanced cantilever carriage after closing the gap
  • Reduced penetration in supporting structure due to position of carriageway slab formwork on the M24 tie sleeves
  • Comprehensive PERI solution from a single source – from planning right through to delivery of materials and even on-site support
  • Elimination of potential sources of error thanks to optimally coordinated systems and work processes
A portrait of Bernhard Ramsauer, Site Management, ARGE (PORR/Strabag)
Bernhard Ramsauer
Site Management

The fact that we had to take the River Inn’s high-water periods into account meant that the schedule was very demanding. We were able to reduce the number of construction phases on each supporting structure by two due to the fact that we were able to concrete 5.70 metre section lengths with the PERI VARIOKIT VBC system. The low weight allowed us to make savings in the mass of the supporting structure and proved advantageous during the assembly of the balanced cantilever carriage. Furthermore, when we were awarding the contract, particular emphasis was placed on a straightforward procedure for retracting the scaffolding and on the technical details regarding the ability to adapt to the spatial limitations posed by the old existing bridge when erecting the first supporting structure and by the new bridge when erecting the second supporting structure. 


  • Construction of the 5.70-m-long concreting sections with the aid of the VBC Balanced Cantilever Carriage in only two cycles per bridge support structure
  • Balanced cantilever carriage moved back to the pier without rail anchoring on the carriage after closing the gap
  • Static verification that the balanced cantilever carriage can deal with seismic loads
  • System moved quickly and easily to next cycle and operated conveniently thanks to fully integrated hydraulic solution
  • Projection of cross girders in grate altered due to longitudinal cantilevered slab retaining wall in abutment area
  • Comprehensive planning and structural calculation services provided by PERI engineers
  • Constant on-site support so as to optimise work processes at the construction site