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Hvězdonice Motorway Bridge, Czech Republic


ロケーション: Hvězdonice, チェコ共和国

Temporary support of motorway bridge in disrepair

The D1 stretches eastwards from Prague via Brno and on to Poland. With a length of 375 km, it is the longest but also the oldest motorway in the Czech Republic. Construction was started 75 years ago and, accordingly, some sections are in urgent need of refurbishment. In order to safely maintain road traffic operations, a motorway bridge which had fallen into disrepair 30 km southeast of Prague had to be temporarily supported up to the time of the planned new construction. The 90 m long structure was built in the 1970s using prefabricated components.


  • 90-m long structure
  • Transfer of increased load concentration in the bypass area for the country road
  • Predefined points of support
  • Tower heights of up to 11.30 m


Stavební firma Hobst, a.s., Zeleneč


  • Due to the availability in PERI’s rental park, VARIOKIT saves time and costs: On the one hand, the hiring of standardized system parts is a cost-effective shoring solution and on the other hand, the required material can be quickly delivered to the jobsite.
  • Further time can be saved through the simple VST assembly with standardized fitted bolts.
Portrait of Jakub Synek, Site Manager, Stavební firma Hobst, a.s., Zeleneč
Jakub Synek
Site Manager

With the VARIOKIT heavy-duty shoring towers, we were able to quickly and accurately carry out all site-related height adjustments. In addition, activation of the support by means of hydraulically-operated head spindles was extremely simple.


  • Supporting of the structure was implemented with 44 VST heavy-duty towers of the VARIOKIT engineering construction kit.
  • The VST heavy-duty towers based on the VARIOKIT engineering construction kit safely carry up to 700 kN per leg.
  • The precise adjustment of the head spindles and the activation of the support is carried out with mobile hydraulic units and the preload force is continuously being monitored.
  • The load-bearing capacity is locally adjusted with facing legs to the increased load from the bypass area for the country road.
  • The PERI UP scaffolding system provides safe access and accelerates the assembly of VARIOKIT.
  • Support of the jobsite team by experienced PERI supervisor.