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Enclosure Structure for the Tauern Motorway A10, Austria


ロケーション: Zederhaus, オーストリア

In peak periods, up to 40,000 vehicles use the A10 Tauern motorway every day. A comprehensive package of measures has considerably eased the situation for the Zederhaus community. Alongside the passing road traffic, the designated stretch of motorway was in part relocated and subsequently covered by a 1.5 km long tunnel structure. In almost 4 years, 405,000 m³ of earth was moved followed by the installation of 140,000 m³ of concrete and 7,300 t of structural steel.

  • 1,545-meter long enclosure structure


  • Shell construction within a construction time of only 18 months
  • A total of 125 concreting sections with a regular cycle length of 12.50 meters each
  • Emergency and inspection bays at a distance of every 100 meters
  • Changing transverse gradients and curve radii


Felbermayr Bau GmbH & Co. KG, Wels


  • PERI’s complete solution ensures smooth construction progress due to standardized system components.
  • In particular the hydraulic support for lifting and lowering of the formwork carriage is very time-saving.
  • Custom-fit, prefabricated formwork units from the PERI assembly plant reduce the amount of assembly work at the jobsite and so ensure fast availability right from the jobsite start.
  • The universal use of the VARIOKIT standard formwork carriage also leads to additional time and cost advantages for the construction of the emergency bays. 
Portrait of Rene Glanzer, General Foreman, Felbermayr Bau GmbH & Co. KG, Wels
Rene Glanzer
General Foreman

From the very first day, everything worked as planned. The PERI Formwork Carriage solution is well thought-out and we were always given excellent support for the wide range of construction tasks. Everything made sense.


  • Fabrication of the double tube with arch cross-section in open-cut tunneling method with VARIOKIT engineering construction kit
  • Hydraulic support for the lifting and lowering of the formwork carriage as well as the folding in of wall elements
  • Formwork units are prefabricated in a custom-fit way at the PERI assembly plant
  • Moving of large-size external formwork units by crane