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Ayalon Motorway Bridge, Israel


ロケーション: Ga'ash/Shefayim, イスラエル

The Ayalon highway (20) is the main arterial road in and around Tel Aviv. It is expanded to the north, and close to Shefayim, in the direction towards Haifa, it joins the highway no. 2, which runs in parallel with the coast of the Mediterranean Sea. The construction of the 450 m bridge structure has become necessary to cross a railway line. 


  • 450-meter-long, 12-bay bridge
  • 15.60-meter-wide superstructure in T-beam cross-section
  • Concreting of the whole bridge in only 4 cycles
  • Concreting cycle length: 115 m


T.O.N. Infrastructure Works Ltd.


  • Flexible adjustment of the two construction kit systems, PERI UP and VARIOKIT, to the bridge’s geometry
  • Ideal matching of superstructure formwork and shoring by PERI expert engineers
  • Fast construction progress due to fast assembly and fast cycle sequences as well as concreting of webs and panels in one pour
  • Moving of the 8 m x 3 m formwork units with only one crane lift
Picture of Rem Nahshon, project manager at T.O.N. Infrastructure Works Ltd., Ga'ash/Shefayim, Israel
Rem Nahshon
Project Manager

Building a bridge reveals many challenges along the way. PERI was the best partner for that matter, being focused on our requirements with innovative design and ideas, on-site support and excellent equipment: PERI UP as ‘stand-alone’ shoring and VARIOKIT as stiff formwork units.


  • VARIOKIT formwork units and supporting scaffold, based on the PERI UP Flex modular-type scaffolding system
  • Formwork units with the large dimensions of 8 m x 3 m
  • PERI UP Flex shoring solution with 1.50-meter-wide and 15.75-meter long shoring tower disks as well as load-optimized adjustment due to bay widths of 150 cm and 75 cm
  • Anchoring of large-size formwork units after the concreting and hardening process with DW 15 ties on the bridge superstructure to take load off the PERI UP shoring structure, for fast moving of the shoring structure into the next cycle
  • Lowering of the formwork units with winches without time-consuming dismantling, for fast transporting to the next construction section