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Anacostia River Tunnel Project, Washington D.C.


ロケーション: Washington D.C., アメリカ合衆国

  • The 23-ft-diameter, 12,500-ft-long Anacostia River Tunnel is the second portion of DC Water’s 20-year Clean Rivers Project
  • The tunnel is lined with six-segment pre-cast concrete rings, but the project’s six shafts, four diversion structures, and three adits are cast-in-place concrete


  • Numerous irregular structures with few typical pours. Many were water-retaining structures with unique, single-sided form walls where standard braces were not an option.


Impregilo, Healy, Parsons JV


  • Using PERI UP shoring to support elevated slabs at various heights also allowed access to be maintained
  • Suspending tables from PERI VARIOKIT trusses eliminated the need for shoring in this difficult setting
  • The entire system could be installed at ground level and then flown into place
  • PERI CAD technicians drew all the concrete elements for the project and converting them to a 3D PDF so that everyone from craft to management could easily identify and understand each distinct lift
Portrait of Rob Brunner, Superintendent at Impregilo, Healy, Parsons JV
Rob Brunner

PERI provided great versatility and repeatability for our Diversion Structure, which had many different elements and lift heights while being able to reuse and cycle material from the bottom to the top.


  • PERI provided a unique radial design using its CB Climbing Formwork and BR Platforms
  • A slab shoring system for placing the concrete roof slab of the Poplar Point Pumping Station, which had to be cast in place 90 to 100 ft above the tunnel invert