The great interest in the 4th Lake Constance 5D Conference once again shows the great importance of the exciting topic.
PERI now firmly established as sponsor and co-organizer of the conference

Successful participation in the Lake Constance 5D Conference 2016

On 25 and 26 October 2016, the "Lake Constance 5D Conference" took place for the fourth time at the University of Konstanz. Once again, PERI was a major sponsor of this international event and also contributed to the design of the conference proceedings.

28. 11月 2016
PERI discussed specific, practical applications of BIM in the field of formwork and scaffolding technology with many interested parties.

This year, practical presentations on BIM applications were the main focus of attention. For this, projects were presented from the perspective of the client, construction companies, suppliers as well as operators. Among other things, PERI presented practical applications of BIM technology using the example of the German Filstal Bridge which is currently under construction.

The conference itself along with the accompanying exhibition was very successful for the Weissenhorn based formwork and scaffolding manufacturer. Numerous discussions with potential customers made it clear that PERI has established itself as a preferred partner for construction companies due to the knowledge and experience gained through BIM. After having in depth discussions, many of the conference participants declared their willingness to take further steps in the area of BIM together with PERI.

Jochen Köhler, Head of Engineering Tools and Innovation at PERI in Weissenhorn, confidently predicts: "As a new method of integral and interdisciplinary cooperation, BIM is becoming increasingly important and will greatly change our way of working in the future. We are very excited about the period ahead and look forward to implementing the new technology in concrete solutions together with our customers and other interested parties."