Within the last year, the universal formwork system DUO has been tried and tested on several jobsites in the US and around the world to ensure it meets all contractors requirements.
PERI Launches Lightweight Polymer Formwork System DUO in the US

DUO Market Launch in the US

PERI USA launches a new lightweight formwork system made from fiber reinforced polymer. The versatile panels feature 3 in 1 functionality and can be used to form walls, slabs and columns.

09. 2月 2017
DUO is a 3 in 1 system, requiring only a minimum number of components to form walls, columns and slabs. Panels and many accessories such as couplers and corner posts have been designed so that they can be used for numerous applications.




One of the truly unique features of DUO is the ability to use the same panels for walls, columns and slabs – with only a few extra parts required for the conversion, this not only saves on initial investment costs but also on storage space and trucking costs down the road.

Silent System

For the most part, DUO is assembled with no tools, resulting in significant noise reduction on the job site, which in turn makes DUO a preferable solution in areas where construction noise is a concern (i.e. residential).