PERI at the bauma 2016
PERI at bauma 2016 – part 1 (general information)

Best solving expertise in formwork and scaffolding

General information on our bauma appearance and the importance of bauma as an innovation platform; notes to the PERI project expertise and its presentation at bauma; information and news about PERI services and software solutions

12. 4月 2016
The specially developed PERI project data management system (PDM) allows PERI employees around the world to work together on projects

On the Open-Air Area North – Stand FN 719 – PERI expects seven eventful trade fair days and more than 150,000 visitors and interested customers in the specially erected PERI  exhibition stand.

The bauma – international platform for presentations of innovations

“For us, the bauma is always an extremely important event and it is – and will remain – the world's leading trade fair. We are looking forward to showing the industry in April in Munich those developments we have been working on for the past three years. Our number one priority is always to exploit existing rationalization potential and further enhance safety levels for the users. In this regard, we are continually thinking in all directions – which sometimes means following unconventional paths. Prospective customers can eagerly look forward to seeing the results of our efforts. In particular, our large system innovations such as universal formwork DUO and the new PERI UP Easy* Facade Scaffolding come up against huge interest, the visitors are enthusiastic. We are sure that we here provide the impetus for many further consultations and sales conversations”, said Alexander Schwörer, Managing Director of Sales and Marketing at the PERI Group.

For the exhibition highlights, the development also went new ways - including the use of a techno-polymer as material for a complete formwork system. Lower weights and resistance to corrosion are the material advantages; in addition, the new concept makes a very convincing case through easy use and only a minimum number of components for a wide range of applications. Furthermore, PERI has succeeded with a new facade scaffolding to achieve safety for the user and a high level of cost efficiency through fast assembly. This has convinced the contractors as well as their construction crews, on the one hand, of the benefits due to the significant reductions in weight during installation and, on the other, increasingly safe working areas at great heights.

Always one step ahead - even with services

In Addition, PERI experts with their extensive background knowledge from the various company departments will be on hand to explain all services in great detail at the bauma – backed up by specific references. “Here, we see great potential to provide even more support for our customers as well as with greater individuality – among other things, we plan to impart a greater understanding of our Building Information Modeling activities to our visitors”, said Alexander Schwörer.

The main advantage of this planning method is that planning and execution variants can be simulated in an early stage of the project using the 3D building model, and to identify interface problems. With the goal thereby to optimize costs and execution times particularly for large-scale projects, the Federal Ministry of Transport and Digital Infrastructure (BMVI) has designated four pilot projects for the introduction of BIM in national infrastructure construction activities. Through these projects, the application of BIM is being tested and scientifically evaluated. One of the pilot projects is the Filstal railway bridge which is part of the new high-speed rail route between Stuttgart – Ulm. Particularly pleasing for PERI: joint venture contractors, JV Max Bögl / Porr, has appointed the Weissenhorn-based company as its formwork partner whereby more valuable experience can be accumulated.

Market Success – Planned expansion of production capacity

The approach taken by PERI’s growth strategy is also reflected in the numbers. In 2015, PERI was able to increase turnover by 13 % thus surpassing its own sales record established in 2008. About 7,500 employees generated a turnover of 1.3 billion euros. For Dr. Fabian Kracht, Managing Director for Finance and Organization, it is no coincidence. “Through the early and consistent internationalization strategy that was implemented, PERI could participate in and benefit from the growth markets in Asia, America and the Middle East. In the meantime, PERI realizes nearly 90 % of its turnover abroad. As a result of this international positioning, the company is also able to better compensate if faced with national economic crises.”

Since its founding in 1969, the core activities of development and production have been based in Weissenhorn which is situated to the south of Ulm. Leonhard Braig, Managing Director for Products and Technology at PERI stressed that the existing production in Weissenhorn will continue as before. “The purchase of the Silvergreen site marks for us a further important step as part of our growth strategy in the scaffolding market. We take a long-term approach, and the location based in Günzburg creates the framework conditions required for future corporate growth.”

Worldwide, PERI has more than 60 subsidiaries and over 120 efficiently run stockyards, and provides its customers with innovative system equipment and a comprehensive range of services relating to formwork and scaffolding technology. Great innovative strength, a high level of competence for engineering services along with the best material qualities in turn guarantee cost-effective, efficient and safe solutions for formwork and scaffolding projects around the world.

* Please note that the German approval by the building authorities for PERI UP Easy has been applied for, but not been granted yet. Until such approval by the building authorities is granted, the application of PERI UP Easy is only allowed with a further individual approval. (Additional note from 29th August 2016