Product Manager, Helmut Baechle (PERI Weissenhorn), Marketing Coordinator, Stéphanie Derouet, and the Manager of the Technical Office Thierry Chancibot (both PERI France) are highly delighted with the prize.
PERI innovation in France awarded the MAT D'OR

Gold for the innovative, versatile DUO System Formwork

The innovative PERI DUO Formwork System recently received a very special award: communications specialists, SAGERET, one of the major providers of industry information in France, presented this important prize for the very first time.

13. 7月 2016
DUO is the new system formwork which is characterized by its low weight and very simple handling. The innovative feature is not only the material used but also the entire concept: efficient forming using only a minimum number of different system components for walls, foundations, columns and slabs.

SAGERET is a significant source for users, buyers, companies and organizations in the building industry when it comes to obtaining information on construction machinery, equipment and materials. The company's range of services includes a very comprehensive industry and product directory. Over 700,000 readers and internet users regularly access the services and knowledge of the communication specialists.

In 2016 for the first time, SAGERET asked its professional readership network to evaluate new products and their benefits. The MAT D'OR award was presented in four categories – construction machinery, construction equipment and accessories, tools as well as rental machines - and will be announced on a yearly basis from now on.

The innovative DUO Formwork System convinced industry professionals due to its low weight, easy handling and the wide range of applications.

DUO – a “work of art” in formwork construction

With the launch of the DUO Lightweight Formwork at bauma, PERI provided ample proof that through a combination of new materials and a new systematic more than just detail improvements are possible. In addition to the panels including the formlining, most of the DUO accessories are made of a newly developed composite material. This material is extremely lightweight whilst also demonstrating a high load-bearing capacity. Furthermore, one key consideration during the development was to ensure the easy handling of the formwork system.

The fact that the DUO system components are so light is noticeable in many aspects. The low weight makes handling much easier thus reducing the physical strain while significantly reducing the risk of accidents. In terms of transport and logistics, fewer moving masses are involved and no equipment or cranes with high payloads are required – this naturally reduces energy and equipment costs. Last but not least, DUO greatly impresses through its very broad range of applications: with DUO, walls, foundations and columns as well as slabs can be formed using many of the same components - more than two thirds of all system components can be used for horizontal and vertical applications.