The immersed tunnel has a total width of 42,00 m and comprises five tunnel corridors. PERI supplied the formwork to produce the 79 standard tunnel elements, each 217,00 m in length and weighing 73.000 t.
(Photo: Femern A/S)

Important Milestone reached in the Fehmarnbelt Tunnel project: All five production lines for standard tunnel elements in operation

At the time of its completion, the 18 km long Fehmarnbelt Tunnel will be the longest immersed tunnel in the world and is currently the largest infrastructure project in Northern Europe. PERI developed a formwork solution for the production of the 79 standard tunnel elements, characterized by high performance, productivity and compliance with high safety standards. The standard tunnel elements are manufactured in parallel on five production lines, with the latest line having commenced operations in February 2024.

04. 7月 2024
Rødbyhavn, Denmark
After the production of the segments, they are transported on the sea and lowered at their final spot.
(Photo: Femern A/S)

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Upon its scheduled completion in 2029, the Fehmarnbelt Tunnel will link Denmark and Germany for both road and rail traffic. With a travel time of only seven minutes by train and ten minutes by car, this construction project provides a rapid rail connection between Scandinavia and Central Europe.

The immersed tunnel has a total width of 42,00 m and comprises five tunnel corridors. Two of these corridors are two-lane and intended for motor vehicles, two are single-lane and intended for rail traffic and the remaining tube is a service and escape passage. PERI supplied the formwork to produce the 79 standard tunnel elements, each 217,00 m in length and weighing 73.000 t.

More than 11.000 t of PERI Formwork material delivered to construction site in Rødbyhavn

The custom-made PERI Steel Formwork Solution was manufactured at the PERI plant in Weißenhorn, Germany, in Poland and Italy. The PERI solution consisted of more than 11.000 t of formwork material, which was delivered to the production site by twelve ships and more than 275 trucks. A sophisticated logistics concept was developed to meet the given deadlines.

All five production lines in operation

The 79 standard tunnel elements are manufactured in three halls across five production lines. Due to close collaboration between the PERI onsite support team and FLC site personnel, all five production lines, each comprising over 250,000 parts, were successfully assembled. Since February 2024, the last of the five production lines has entered the operational phase.

Numerous tunnel segments already concreted successfully

One of the 217-metre-long standard tunnel elements is composed of nine 24 meters long segments. 79 of these standard tunnel elements are required to complete the tunnel. The production of these elements will require more than 700 castings during the next years. The special PERI formwork solution was used to successfully complete already numerous concreting jobs, each involving the pouring of around 3.300 cubic metres of concrete. After the starting phase, the production lines will transition to series production.

In addition to the special solution that was an important factor for the concreting of the segments, PERI also provided standard solutions. PERI UP Scaffolding solutions are variably combined with and attached to the custom-made steel formwork and thus provide secure access to the production lines in all production stages. PROKIT Mesh Barriers offer reliable protection against falls. FLC using PERI InSite Construction pressure sensors to monitor the formwork pressure in order to show compliance with the casting speed.

Ongoing support by PERI

Through close cooperation and regular maintenance, PERI provides assistance throughout the complete project ensuring that the production lines can operate at maximum capacity during series production.


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