bauma is the most important trade fair for the construction industry. Every three years, the industry meets in Munich for a show of strength and informs an expert audience about the latest developments.
PERI at bauma 2016

Best problem-solving expertise in formwork and scaffolding

From 11th to 17th April 2016 in a 4,200 m² exhibition hall in the Open-Air Area North, PERI will be presenting the very latest formwork and scaffolding technology. The focus is on a range of innovations, practical system enhancements as well as further developments for different applications and target groups.

19. 1月 2016
Munich, Germany
Extended capabilities in the myPERI online portal

On the Open-Air Area North – Stand FN 719 – seven eventful trade fair days and a wide range of very special innovations are expected. Many of the PERI visitors from around the world will also visit the PERI plant along with the exhibition halls in Weissenhorn. Other PERI formwork and scaffolding systems are on display there which, for example, can be adapted to perfectly suit the requirements of the users in technologically less-developed markets. Through these additional presentation possibilities, PERI can present the respective optimum matching portfolio to all prospective customers as the exhibition in Munich focuses on the most innovative and latest systems featured in the extensive PERI product programme.

"For us, the bauma is always an extremely important event and it is – and will remain – the world's leading trade fair. We are looking forward to showing the industry in April in Munich those developments we have been working on for the past three years. Our number one priority is always to exploit existing rationalization potential and further enhance safety levels for the users. In this regard, we are continually thinking in all directions – which sometimes means following unconventional paths. Prospective customers can eagerly look forward to seeing the results of our efforts. In addition, our specialists for PERI services are available during the bauma to present the further developments in this area. Here, we see great potential to provide even more support for our customers as well as with greater individuality – among other things, we plan to impart a greater understanding of our Building Information Modeling activities to our visitors", said Alexander Schwörer, Managing Director of Sales and Marketing at the PERI Group.

With an ever-growing portfolio of services, PERI has become increasingly more of a solution provider for its customers. In Munich, PERI experts with their extensive background knowledge from the various company departments will be on hand to explain all services in great detail backed up by specific references.

PERI competence in all project phases

For all processes featured in formwork and scaffolding project management assignments, PERI provides the right support – from the development of the technical solution long before ground-breaking ceremony takes place through to the refurbishment and repair of the customer´s own materials.

Worldwide, more than 1,200 engineers plan and calculate project-specific optimized solutions through to individual free-form formwork for meeting the highest architectural requirements. For cost-effective execution of construction work, material rental comes into play; in addition, PERI specialists provide support as supervisors as well as project managers for the effective implementation. Many of the latest innovations exploit the opportunities provided by the most recent digital developments. A comprehensive portfolio will be presented ranging from simple, product-related apps for day-to-day work assignments through to more advanced CAD solutions and BIM applications.

Simple apps with exceptional everyday practicality

Newly developed apps provide PERI customers with real added value in on-site construction work. The mobile applications focus on the configuration of system structures and optimization of material quantities. Having long become an indispensable part of everyday life for everyone, mobile apps are available and easy to use. While some existing PERI apps have undergone a facelift, the MULTIFLEX configurator is a real help in simplifying the work required in determining beam and prop spacings for girder slab formwork. The app offers the best possibilities to optimize the slab formwork regarding the component needs – and to directly document the results in the form of a PDF file. Furthermore, product-related apps provide the option of easily determining material requirements and parts lists for different shoring towers. Several such working aids can be closely examined and assessed for the first time at bauma 2016.

Extended capabilities in the myPERI online portal

The PERI online portal for efficient data management was presented for the first time at bauma 2013; in the meantime, it has been introduced at a number of PERI subsidiaries. With immediate effect, myPERI users can also retrieve the drawings of their projects online. This reduces the coordination efforts and accelerates the processes for all project participants – on the construction site or in the office. As the latest drawing version is available around the clock, mix-ups and delays are therefore avoided. Users of the online portal are automatically notified when new drawings have been added.

Focus on BIM – keeping an eye on future-oriented technology

Building Information Modeling (BIM) is the trend of the future – and PERI has also been very much involved with the possibilities and benefits. For many years now, it has been common practice to link the three-dimensional planning solution with the time dimension via the cycle planning. Now, increasingly more process data is being integrated into corresponding database systems. The specially developed PERI project data management system (PDM) allows PERI employees around the world to work together on projects – then each person involved in the project can access the latest data at any time. Mobile building information management is increasingly now being used in the planning and execution phases which makes location as well as cross-company communication possible. The cloud-based reporting functions provide, among other things, process optimization during any required plan changes. The goal of all PERI developments is the complete integration of the formwork and scaffolding solutions in future BIM simulations.

At the bauma, visitors to the stand can view examples of successful pilot projects carried out with various construction companies, and receive information on the possibilities along with the added value of the BIM technology. Though the use of BIM, a range of alternative courses of action regarding their impact on costs, schedule and quality in early stages of a project can then be evaluated as well as being able to consistently follow changes in the project.

Innovations for formwork technology

Also in 2016, PERI will be presenting numerous innovations and system enhancements that facilitate more efficient and faster forming operations as well shoring installation. The developments have taken into account different market and construction-specific requirements – and simultaneously provide a high level of safety during use. Wherever possible, PERI has integrated the safe application in the system configuration. This has resulted in a minimization of the risk of accidents along with smooth workflows.

PERI Wall and Slab Formwork Systems

New: system enhancements for MAXIMO Wall Formwork

The MAXIMO, with its single-sided tie technology, is very much the centre of attention for wall formwork operations. The most efficient of the PERI formwork systems has set a new standard in the market; continuous further developments and system enhancements provide even more application diversity as well as a particularly high level of safety.

The MAXIMO MXK Bracket System provides maximum safety with minimum installation effort, and serves as a working platform for MAXIMO and TRIO Panel Formwork. In contrast to conventional solutions, the modular system provides pre-assembled individual components such as the MXK Scaffold Deck or the PROKIT PMB Side Mesh Barrier. These lightweight and manually assembled system components ensure safe and ergonomic work operations.

In addition, new in the MAXIMO standard programme are panels with heights of 3.00 m and 3.60 m respectively. This additional panel heights have been developed due to frequent customer on-site demands and are supplied on request.

Especially for markets with colder climates, PERI has developed the MXH Formwork System which can be heated whereby the MAXIMO Wall Formwork System is combined with heating elements. This means that concreting operations can also take place at low temperatures as the hydration process is not affected. Assembly of the panel formwork and heating elements is carried out horizontally; only two mounting bolts are required on the four frame corners each time. The standard height of the heating elements is 2.70 m with standard widths of 2.40 m and 1.20 m. Corresponding extension elements and practical details such as suitable box outs for the BFD Couplers as well as for connecting the bracket system ensure efficient application of the system.

MAXIMO thus provides a further enhanced range of applications in the area of panel formwork with single-sided operations. The numerous reference customers along with independent time measurements confirm the formwork´s exceptional level of efficiency.

The slab formwork area – the right formwork for every requirement

PERI will be presenting its extensive slab formwork product range over several floors. Proven systems will be exhibited as well as concepts for shuttering operations from a safe position from the lower slab level.

PERI Civil Engineering System

VARIOKIT is the Engineering Construction Kit for tunnels and bridge building as well as for project-specific structures. In addition to standard solutions, e.g. for the realization of steel composite bridges and cantilevered parapets, the system components are also used for project-specific tunnel formwork carriages or heavy-duty structural solutions. During the past three years, the application possibilities of the Engineering Construction Kit have been optimized or new areas of application have been opened up. An important aspect of all VARIOKIT developments is to maximize the percentage of rentable core components for the respective application. As a result, individual civil engineering structures can also be realized extremely cost-effectively. With significant experience for planning complex buildings worldwide, PERI engineering in particular has played a major part in finding the best solution for the customer.

The lightweight Cantilevered Parapet Bracket – with newly-developed anchoring

Driven by the current very high demand in the area of bridge refurbishment, PERI has accelerated the development of its activities for cantilevered parapet solutions. The result is a lightweight console solution for bridges which, thanks to the low individual component weight of maximum 20 kg, can also be assembled by hand and is therefore predestined for use in refurbishment operations. The multi-part solution is characterized in particular by the fact that the working platform and formwork unit are separated; the platform decking is thus free of openings and penetrations. The formwork unit can be adjusted from the working platform in order to match the parapet geometry.

The individual brackets consist of standards, cantilevered brackets, platform beams and spindles; depending on the parapet cross-section, they are attached to the bridge with the corresponding spacing. While anchors can be concreted in when constructing new bridges, anchoring during refurbishment work is much more difficult. For this, PERI has developed a type-tested bracket complete with perfectly coordinated components – a so-called closed solution. The refurbishment anchor used has a particularly high loading capacity so that the number of required anchoring points can be significantly reduced.

Further improved customer service in civil engineering bridge construction

For complex projects in civil engineering bridge construction, e.g. balanced cantilever solutions, PERI now provides even better support for its customers. The close collaboration of sales engineers with a newly-founded specialist group for technical advice and planning strengthens the "One Face to the Customer" sales and marketing concept. PERI customers benefit from project management available from one source throughout the project along with the best solution competence. The high percentages of rentable system components for civil engineering bridge construction as well as the large PERI rental parks worldwide ensure optimal delivery readiness and a high degree of cost-effectiveness in the execution.

For the first time: an exhibit for a mined tunnel

For tunnel construction, PERI is presenting for the first time at a bauma an exhibit featuring gallery formwork. A formwork assembly used in mining construction techniques will be shown which is comprised mainly of rentable system components. Also on display is the transition point to the portal area including stopend formwork.

PERI Climbing Technology

SCS now also for double-sided applications

Up to now, the SCS Climbing Bracket has been used on a standard basis as single-sided climbing formwork for dams, weirs, high retaining walls or tunnel walls. In addition, project-specific solutions for a number of double-sided applications with high concrete loads were realized, for example, inclined bridge piers and pylons. In close cooperation with users, PERI has now developed a solution for the double-sided application of the SCS Brackets. The new scope of application includes the standardized use with anchored formwork for wall heights up to 6.00 m. Through the expanded application range, customers achieve higher material utilization while simultaneously reducing the logistics involved.

New ACS climbing solution for massive high-rise building cores

Especially for use in high-rise building cores with medium to large dimensions, PERI has developed a new core self-climbing formwork. The system has a very high load-bearing capacity, even large placing boom masts can be climbed together with the formwork as well as being supported during operations. Climbing hydraulic cylinders with a 40 t lifting capacity are used which are powered by recently-developed hydraulic units.

Solutions for the highest architectural demands

Over the past few years, PERI has planned and produced free-form formwork for numerous outstanding reference projects undertaken by renowned architects. The London Aquatics Centre by Zaha Hadid or the Museum of Tomorrow by Santiago Calatrava in Rio de Janeiro are just two examples where the Weissenhorn-based company has contributed to the project's success. The latest project is the V & A Museum of Design in Dundee where the winning design by Japanese architects Kengo Kuma was selected by an expert panel following an international competition that returned over 120 entries. More than 3,000 free-form formwork units are currently being planned and produced in the formwork assembly facility in Weissenhorn; at the bauma 2016, a scale model will provide an insight into the construction method.

Premiere at bauma 2016 for a new formwork panel

PERI´s panel business also has something new to offer in Munich. For the first time, a large-sized formwork panel for meeting the high requirements placed on concrete surfaces will be shown which boasts two different surfaces. With the new formlining sheet, both gloss and matt concrete surfaces can be realized.

Practical equipment for daily jobsite operations

System-independent accessories and construction equipment play an important role on every jobsite. If a piece of equipment is no longer available, then site personnel have to improvise – which brings all the usual disadvantages such as being very time-consuming along with an increased risk of injury. Also for this range of products, PERI has a dedicated exhibition area as the company offers numerous accessories with easy handling and a long service life.

In addition, PERI is presenting at the Munich show sealing technology for anchor points that is required on concrete walls. The complete product spectrum ranges from simple plugs for formwork anchor holes through to systems used for architectural concrete applications or the construction of wastewater treatment plants, structures in the chemical industry and containers.

New scaffolding technology developments

In recent years, PERI has greatly enhanced all scaffolding technology activities. In addition to the development of new systems and components for different applications, the Weissenhorn-based company has intensified, in particular, its advisory and engineering services in order to better accommodate the different target groups of scaffolding users. This global commitment has resulted in a number of new customers and special reference projects including numerous applications in industrial sectors such as power plants.

For bauma 2016, a wide range of innovations for the PERI UP scaffolding technology has been promised which are designed to open up new opportunities for craftsman through to industrial customers, and further increase the efficiency of the applications. The focus of all developments is to maximize material utilization through the highest level of compatibility. Especially as working on scaffolding at great heights is associated with a high risk of accidents, PERI engineers also have safety considerations for the user constantly in focus.

Faster erection with new assembly logic

At bauma 2013, PERI unveiled the MDS Shoring Tower. The shoring tower is based on PERI UP system components and, since then, has continued to convince customers through its extremely safe use: all individual components of the tower are systematically assembled and dismantled with site personnel in a safe position through the guardrail in advance. The central element in the PERI UP Flex Shoring Tower MDS is the specially developed decking which is mounted on the ledgers without requiring any tools and then continues to be installed upwards in the same way. Supply of materials is carried out in the inner area of the shoring tower. In addition, no system component weighs more than 16 kg; the shoring tower, therefore, has up to 40% less weight than comparable systems.

When using the PERI UP Flex Shoring Tower MDS, it has been confirmed that this innovative assembly logic clearly accelerates assembly and dismantling operations. Against this background, PERI especially meets the requirements of the scaffolding erectors in the industry to also offer such decking units for larger bay lengths.

New system components for the weather protection roof

Providing site personnel with protection against the influences of the weather is an important issue especially in the colder months. For some years now, the PERI UP Flex Weather Protection Roof LGS has presented the right solution – in close cooperation with the users, it is constantly being improved. Thus, additional components were presented at bauma 2013 which provided a significant improvement in safety: brackets are hooked into the bottom chord of the truss and, together with the standard decking and guardrails, form walkways along the truss girder. Consequently, personal protective equipment for preventing or arresting falls is not required for assembly operations nor when opening or closing the protection roof segments.

In order to ensure that the sheeting can be rolled out even faster, PERI will be presenting a solution with an electric motor at the Munich show in April. Available as an option, the sheeting can then be closed much quicker and without any manual effort.

Maximum flexibility for scaffolding construction

For applications in industry, a scaffolding system must be extremely adaptable and erected very quickly; at the same time, the working areas set up must fully comply with the highest levels of health and safety. The fact that the PERI UP Flex modular scaffolding ideally fulfills these requirements has been proven in countless projects. Currently, large amounts of material are being used in the Northwest Redwater Project in Canada – the world's most modern oil sands refinery. In addition to safety considerations, time and cost reductions during scaffold assembly is the focus of attention. PERI is supporting the internationally-operating EPC Company with 3D planning services as well as a control software for the optimized combination of scaffold planning and execution.

The portfolio of additional system components for more specialized applications, e.g. suspended scaffolds, is continuously adapted to match user requirements. This ensures optimal material utilization of standard components together with a high level of execution efficiency. Finding increase use for project solutions is the combination of PERI UP and VARIOKIT Engineering Construction Kit. The uniform system grid, standardized connecting means and the rentability of all system components make this project-specific planning extremely cost-effective. At bauma 2016 in Munich, the range of benefits and possibilities will be highlighted through an exhibit.