The best: Participants and supervisors of the final round of the 12th PERI Construction Exercise.
Expert jury determines the winners of the 12th PERI student competition

Awards for the prize winners of the 12th PERI Construction Exercise

PERI offers all educational institutions involved in the field of construction the opportunity to participate in its well-known Construction Exercise, which not only provides valuable experience with specific practical application but also the chance to win attractive cash prizes.

06. 12月 2019
Weissenhorn, Germany

With a prize fund of EUR 20,000, the international PERI Construction Exercise is a competition open to all students worldwide studying construction at an educational institution. The aim of the competition is to connect the construction operation content of the course – in particular the areas of work preparation and formwork technology – with a high degree of practical relevance. Well-known experts from the industry form the jury for judging the final round and evaluate the work submitted. At the same time, the competition is an excellent opportunity for students to establish initial contacts with potential employers and to gain insights into the supply industry.

Construction Exercise 2018 / 19 has been adjudged

On the 27th November 2019, the award ceremony for the prize winners of the 12th competition took place at PERI headquarters in Weissenhorn. The interest in the competition was very good: the competition's website attracted over 50,000 hits, and the participation documents were requested or downloaded over 300 times from a total of 33 countries.
Finally, 15 comprehensive solutions were submitted in time for the closing date. The international participation from Canada and Russia is particularly pleasing, with the Canadian participant in 8th place receiving a prize of 1,000 Euros. The 5 best teams qualified for the final round. At the end of November, the finalists from German universities presented their solutions to the audience and to a jury of experts at the PERI conference centre in Weißenhorn.
Each team had 20 minutes to present their work before the jury asked their questions. For the experts, it was important to verify just how confidently and competently the procedures outlined and the decisions that had been taken were justified. After the final consultation, a close but nonetheless clear result was determined:

1st place: University of Applied Sciences Munich, Felix Ott
2nd place: University of Applied Sciences Mainz, Lennard Fuß, Virginia Schäfer-Rinker
3rd place: University of Kassel, Carmine Caiaro, Marja Purschke, Erwin Sartisohn
4th place: Baden-Wuerttemberg Cooperative State University │Mosbach, Konstantin Henschler, Stefan Kirbs, Deniz Seyben, Noah Eric St. Pierre
5th place: University of Applied Sciences Münster, Marius Eichhorn, Matthias Gries, Paul Teske

With a very good written preparation along with a convincing presentation, Felix Ott from the University of Applied Sciences in Munich clinched first place after the final round came to end. However, in addition to the prize money, a varied, two-day event in Ulm and surrounding area awaited not only the winner but also all other participants in the final round. This included the inspection of the project on which the task was based, a three-storey office building in Günzburg, which stands out due to its unusual architecture.

A tour of the PERI plant in Günzburg, one of the most modern scaffolding production facilities in the world, was the final event and impressed participants and accompanying professors alike.

The documents for the new PERI Construction Exercise 2020 | 2021 can be requested free of charge here